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Why Does Your Trucking Company Need Freight Factoring?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

There are so many reasons why freight factoring is great for all trucking companies. Even the largest and most successful trucking companies can benefit from partnering with a freight factoring company. I mean, who wouldn't want the comfort of knowing you'll always have consistent cash flow when running loads and never have to worry about a broker/shipper not paying you?! But why does YOUR trucking company need freight factoring?

Do you wait 30, 60, or 90 days to get paid for a load?

If the answer is yes, then freight factoring is the solution for you. When you work with a freight factoring company you will typically get paid within 24 hours of sending your bills in - Porter pays you the SAME DAY. You no longer need to worry about finding the money in the meantime while you're waiting to get paid. Factoring is a way to make sure you can keep on top of your expenses, without having to go into debt.

Do you need extra back office help?

When you work with a freight factoring company you don't need to worry about doing the tedious office work that so many people hate. You can simply focus on running loads. When you sign up with a freight factoring company you can get billing and invoicing assistance included. The factor will also handle your collection calls, another thing you don't need to worry about.

Do you need help finding loads or help with compliance and insurance?

Another benefit of working with a freight factoring company is having access to their industry partners. Porter has partners throughout the transportation industry. Working with the best freight factoring companies, like Porter, you'll have access to dispatching connections to help keep your trucking running. Porter also has partners to get you the best insurance quotes, help to keep you in compliance, and with carrier set-up assistance.

Do your fuel expenses stress you out?

When you work with a freight factoring company you will get a FREE fuel card. These cards will have access to discounts at locations throughout the country. Porter also advances your funds onto your fuel card so that you or your drivers will never have to worry about being out of fuel while on the road again.

Porter Billing Services offers you all of these great services and more. If you're ready to take your trucking company to the next level give us a call today at (205) 397-0934 or apply below!

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