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How the Truck Parking Problem is Effecting the Transportation Industry!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

What our in-house dispatch consultant has to say.


No one wants to be stressed, especially while they're driving. According to Freight Waves the Truck Parking Problem is causing an increased amount of stress for truck drivers daily - so much so, that 85% of drivers have cited that parking is the #1 cause of stress at work.

The problem is made up of issues dealing with Hours of Service rules and limited parking destinations. Many drivers put themselves at risk when they are unable to find an authorized parking spot within their HOS. 70% of truckers have broken their HOS and 96% have parked in non-designated areas. The combination of problems has resulted in the #2 industry concern by truck drivers being the truck parking problem.


Billy Rutledge, our in-house dispatch consultant and former trucking company owner, gave us the inside scoop about what's being done for the truck parking problem and discusses some possible solutions:

What’s being done about the Parking Problem?

The FMCSA has been trying to combat the anxiety and stress of where you will spend your off duty time. It has recently announced rule changes regarding personal conveyance in the record of duty status (RODS) on your log book. Bottom line, the truck parking issue has both social and economic consequences. And from the unintended consequences, new technology businesses are forming to assist drivers in planning their parking areas. Unfortunately, the technology can only assist in finding potential spots and not creating new ones.

What could be done about it?

There are a couple of possible solutions to this problem. Firstly, modified shipping hours that put different trucks on the road at different times of the day. Rather than the majority of trucks parking at night, modified shipping schedules might ease the pressure. Another solution is additional parking places - infrastructure investment into new parking options and/or the use of existing space that could act as an alternative place for parking.

Where do you see the problem moving in the future?

At the end of the day, everything that is happening in trucking, is all inflationary and should ultimately improve revenue and profitability within the trucking industry. What is a perceived problem today, could result in an opportunity tomorrow with improving fundamentals in the underlying business and the drivers not having to kill themselves to make a living. Unfortunately, in trucking, the market is slow to respond to these changes and it could take time before the fruits are realized.

If you're having trouble making good money while staying within the legal limits of the HOS, gives Billy a call and see what Porter can do to improve your load revenue and cash flow!!!

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