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Top Tips for Trucking Company Beginners

You're ready to start driving your truck. You have everything to haul your first load and get your wheels turnin', but you don't know what to expect while you're out of your very first trip? Have no fear! We are here to save the day and give you the top tips for trucking driving beginners like yourself.

TIP ONE: It is more of a mental job than a physical one

A key secret to truck driving success is taking care of your mental state. Sure slingin’ long chains and 8’ tarps can take some guns but you MUST carry the right mindset if you’re going to make it on your long hauls and stay in the right frame of mind.

TIP TWO: Take care of your health

Taking care of your mental state is key, but don't forget about your physical one too. An easy food choice while on the road is quick, easy, and greasy fast food. Instead of constantly choosing this, try packing your food or bringing healthy snack options with you to avoid stopping at fast food restaurants. If you can't take your food with you, try and stop at stores along your route to buy healthy alternatives.

TIP THREE: Stay as active as possible on your hauls

You'll be sitting down driving your truck for most of your haul and this will quickly feel like the norm. DON'T LET IT! To stay in good physical health, be as active as possible. Learn some basic exercises to do on your breaks and in your down times to get your blood flowing and muscles moving

TIP FOUR: Always remember to do a good pre-trip inspection

You want to be on the safe side when you're hauling a load. Make sure your truck is in optimum condition before getting on the road and finding problems along the way. You NEVER want to run into an officer asking if you did a "pre-trip" when you haven't.

TIP FIVE: Pay attention when reversing

Reversing a huge vehicle like your truck can be a tricky task. So, make sure you're looking and listening before, during, and after you back than thing up. It's better to take it slow and be on the safe side than backing up into a ditch or another vehicle.

TIP SIX: Always get enough sleep

No matter what profession you're in, sleep is very important. But when you're operating a heavy vehicle for hours are a time, sleep is one of the most important factors to take seriously. Being sleep deprived leads to slow reactions, sluggishness, and being less aware - all states that no one should operate an 80K lb missile under. If you don't take this step seriously, you will be endangering yourself and those around you, and you could potentially lose your license.

We want you to be the best drivers that you can be. Follow these tips, get on the road, and show the other drivers what you've got. Take a look at Porter Billing Services other blogs to help you become the best truck driver out there with the best services possible.

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