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Top 10 Steps to Start Your Own Successful Trucking Company!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

We know starting a trucking company can be a difficult and lengthy process, which is why we have put together a blog series with the best tips to follow when becoming an owner operator and setting your company up for success.

So how do you start your own trucking company? Well, follow these 10 steps and you'll know everything you need to do!

1. Develop a business plan

2. Form a business entity

3. Buy or lease a truck

4. Get a CDL

5. File for your authority

6. Have your compliance in order

7. Purchase an insurance policy

8. Make a plan to get paid

9. Find loads to haul

10. Get started!

Avoid any mistakes when you start your own trucking company. Porter Billing Services wants to help your wheels start turnin'. Over the next 10 weeks follow this series of our featured blogs and learn the ins and outs of making your company a success. You can thank us later!

Be on the lookout next week for the next blog of the series, How to Develop a Business Plan To Become an Owner Operator, so you can start the process!

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