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Top 10 Issues for Truck Drivers in 2019

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

The American Transportation Research Institute has released its annual survey about the top 10 issues that truck drivers face in 2019. More than 2,000 carriers were polled, and the results were divided into two categories: motor carriers and commercial drivers. The results are as follows:

Comments from ATRI that was included in the full report:

  1. Driver Compensation - While ATRI points out that driver compensation has increased, many drivers still feel like their pay rise has no kept up with inflation and they aren't compensated properly for non-driving duties like wait times.

  2. Hours-of-Service (HOS) - The FMCSA issues proposed rulemaking to make changed to the 10-minute rest break and to add flexibility to the sleeper berth provision.

  3. Truck Parking - The truck parking problem has been a long-standing issue in the transportation industry. The lack of available truck parking for drivers creates a dangerous and costly situation for them as they have to go over their HOS to find parking and then sometimes park in unsafe situations.

  4. ELD Mandate - Fleets must transition from AOBRDs to ELDS by December 16, 2019.

  5. Driver Detention - A driver's ability to comply with the HOS rules is affected by delays, earnings are negatively affects, and if drivers run out of on-duty hours before reaching a safe parking destination, they have to park in unauthorized or undesignated spots.

  6. Speed Limiters - Mandatory speed limiters were never finalized from the 2019 proposed rulemaking but could re-emerge in the future.

  7. Driver Training Standards - FMCSA announced it was postponing the implementation of two provisions of its Entry Level Driver Training Rule.

  8. Driver Distraction - Everyday, commercial drivers witness impacts of driver distraction on the road. More than 3000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents related to distracted driving in 2017, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

  9. Infrastructure/Congestion/Funding - ATRI states "poorly maintained roads and traffic congestion create wear and tear on vehicles, waste fuel and increase emissions, create additional stress for drivers, and negatively impact industry productivity".

  10. Autonomous Truck Technology - Driver responsibility could be in for a dramatic change with autonomous truck technology. Although it won't be for a while, the technology is advancing quickly.

Get your copy of the complete report here.

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