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The Spookiest Places in America for Truck Drivers to Visit

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

So many towns across America are filled with twisted turns and spooky stories that have been passed along through generations and generations. From tales about the dead and haunted buildings, there is no shortage of spooky places to visit on your hauls across the country. If you're on a long haul through any of these places and have time to spare, make sure to visit them - at your own risk, of course!

Route 2A - Haynesville, Maine

This stretch of road has caused several real-life accidents of people who have lost control along icy patches of the road during the winter months, some accidents even involving truck drivers. However, it is not the truck drivers who haunt Route 2A, but the ghost of a 10-year old girl wondering down the road looking lost. Apparently, the sighting is based on a true story of two girls being killing in a truck accident back in 1967 and is said that now their spirit lingers up and down the road. Legend also has it, that a woman walks the street stopping passer buyers saying she and her husband were involved in a car accident. The people who have stopped to offer their help have said that they have felt a consuming chill, before the women disappears right in front of them.

Moundsville Penitentiary - Moundsville, West VirginiaMoundsville Penitentiary was in operation for over 100 years, was one of the most violent correctional facilities, and was the final stop to over 1,000 criminals. The criminals were imprisoned in cramped quarters leading to multiple riots and a whole lot of murders. Many of the men died either by being hung, killed in the electric chair, or murdered by their fellow inmates. The prison eventually closed in 1995, but according to some who have toured the halls of the penitentiary, the tortured spirits are still behind the bar cells of the prison and can be seen or heard as you walk past. Want to see the prisoner's spirits for yourself? Take a tour when you're next in West Virginia.

Archer Avenue - Chicago, Illinois

Archer Avenue passes by lakes, woods, old churches and cemeteries - all the standard spooky locations. The road running from northeast to southwest on Chicago's southwest side is known for its unexplainable paranormal activity and situations. Reportedly, there is a 7.2 miles stretch of Illinois Route 171 between the St. James-Sag Church and Resurrection Cemetery that is home to supernatural sightings of horses crossing the road, ghostly figures such as monks and rabid men, and the Resurrection Mary - a blonde-haired, blue-eyes hitchhiker in a white dress, who tries to get a ride out of the cemetery. Is is said that after she gets into the car, she disappears. Not sure what to think? There is only one way to find out .. pick Resurrection Mary up for a ride.

Villisca Axe Murder House - Villisca, Iowa

On June 20, 1912 a horrendous murder took place at 508 E Second Street. Josiah B Moore, his wife, their 4 children, and 2 young girls who were staying with them for the night were brutally murdered ... the murderer never being found. People who have lived at the old white home since have reported sightings of a man with an axe, unexplainable paranormal activity, and the sound of children crying. The home now has a tour from April through November or an overnight experience for groups with reservations. In 1994, the house was returned to its original state of no electricity or running water, which adds to the chilling atmosphere for the tours.

Moon River Brewery - Savannah, Georgia

In 1999, the Moon River Brewery started selling its beers in Savannah but the building that it runs its business in is one of the oldest in town. In 1821, the building was once a City Hotel with a violent reputation during the Civil War. Multiple men were killed in this hotel during heated brawls. Today, some people who drink at the bar say they've seen bottles being thrown through the air randomly. Guests are also pushed, touched, and sometimes hit by people who cannot be seen. It is said that one guest, Toby, walks around the bar looking for the next fight to break out. So, if you want a beer with a ghost, check this spot out when you're next in Savannah.

Not sure what to think? There is only one way to discover the truth ..........

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