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Meet Jacinda Lady Truck'n a Third Generation Truck Driver

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Jacinda Duran aka Jacinda Lady Truck'n, is a third-generation truck driver and Porter Freight Funding's latest Brand Ambassador. We spent some time talking with Jacinda about her journey, her accomplishments, and what it's like to be a lady trucker.

Jacinda, how did you get started with a career in trucking?

"I am a third-generation trucker. I was born and raised in the trucking industry and followed in my parents' and grandparents' footsteps. I spent most of my childhood days riding in trucks with my mother, who drove for over 23 years. I pursued trucking in my later years, progressing through many aspects of logistics, from a limo driver to a charter and party bus driver to a FedEx courier.

Once in the big rigs, I found my passion and was determined to soar in the industry while inspiring others along the way. I have driven dry vans, reefers, hazmats, and enclosed car haulings. I am now pursuing oversized loads. I am continually evolving and eager to learn as many aspects of the trucking industry while pursuing my independence as an owner-operator."

What do you like about it? What makes you want to do it?

"The thing I love most about trucking is the freedom of being out on the road; every day is different, making every day an adventure. My passion for learning as much as I can, learning new things, and seeing new destinations regularly makes me want to wake up every day and do it."

What does an average day in the life look like for you?

"Well, 11 hours of driving pretty much every day, having a shake, and planning my route and day. It is always good to plan when you're going to stop and where you're concluding your day. You also have fueling, break stop, and then the conclusion of your day. You are always just kind of guesstimating where you're going to stop and where you're going to finish the day."

What made you want to get your authority and go independent?

"Owning my own business, being my own boss, planning my own day, and again freedom. Also, planning for my future and growth to expand beyond one truck and then possibly my own fleet - because why stop at one?! Personal growth, professional growth, and to me, it's establishing your own lifestyle. If I want to go to Alabama, I can find a load in Alabama. If I want to go home and see my kids, I can get a load there.

When it comes to owning my own fleet, I think it would be cool if Lady Truck'n had men and women. There is always a woman who has had to step into an all-male workplace."

Jacinda Duran aka Jacinda Lady Truck'n. Porter Freight Funding's Brand Ambassador.

You've driven all over the country; what tips do you have for drivers that are doing the same?

"I would say always be cautious but not afraid. Especially if you are new, know your routes. It is intimidating when you first get out there; it's a lot. Pre-planning your route is huge."

Tell us about some highlights in your career as a lady truck driver?

"At the Emmy Awards this year, I presented the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie. I was chosen via word-of-mouth to be the only essential working from the trucking industry. I asked how they found me, and they said someone gave my name. Jimmy Kimmel actually shared it, and I had no idea until recently. That was cool.

Also, I am in the top ten finalists for the Citizen's Driver Award. In this award, someone is nominated by peers who represent the industry, health, and leadership. You win by judges, and it is based on accomplishments, accolades, and achievements. The winner has a truck stop named after them, and to have a truck stop named after me, that's amazing for my kids and grandkids to see.

I also received the 10 Year Safe Driving Award through FedEx. I received a Merit Award with Tony Justice. That was through Truckers for Christ.

What is nice is all these things were presented through people around me, peer-nominated, and the biggest thing for me is the community respect I have established in sharing my journey. This is how all these beautiful opportunities came about. Without support of my peers, I would not be anywhere. In these things, It's not just about me; it's getting to the point of representing all truck drivers."

What made you decide to start your Jacinda Lady Truck'n Instagram account?

"To show people the different aspects of trucking. I worked at a temp agency at the time, and my purpose was to find what I really wanted to do. It started with a video, and it caught people's attention. It began to grow because people would come back to see what I was doing that day, because I am always doing something different.

It is also showing passion and truth. It is very real and authentic. I do not have my face done every day if I am working or doing dirty things. It's the authenticity."

What advice do you have for other drivers like yourself?

"Again, being cautious but not afraid. The biggest thing is being open to learning because it is endless. Do not be scared to ask people and know I am here for you, but within boundaries."

Tell us about your podcast on Unplugged Radio; what do you talk about? how did you get started with it? how does it keep you connect to the industry?

"It should be starting back up this Wednesday at 9PM EST. My Podcast's motto is life, love, truckin'. I was asked to do it because it started out with people trying to reach me. The more easily people can reach you, the more following you can get. I bring on financial people, relationship coaches, specialists, things like that.

Also, I like to bring well-known people in trucking, even celebs sometimes to share their talents and trucking lifestyle. People that are not always as accessible to other people is fun. Toward the end, I do a round table discussion to get my guests connected. In the last hour, we do a round table and chat. I have a window of 3 hours. For example, when we are driving, we are just listening. We also want people to come in and chat. So, an open discussion of topics, people calling in with questions, and I designate one hour for each person on the phone with me."

Jacinda Duran aka Jacinda Lady Truck'n. Porter Freight Funding's Brand Ambassador.

Why do you think Porter Freight can help you and others in the trucking industry?

"The knowledge and resources that are easily accessible. Knowledge, resources, and accessibility provide a much more convenient process. Not to mention reliability. It's nice to have the confidence in you guys to do the right things for us drivers. We can call you and ask you anything we need to know about the process and what's going on with it. I know you guys know what are you doing, and I know it will be legally correct. It's nice to have that legal aspect taken care of."

To learn more about Jacinda Duran, visit her website and follow Jacinda Lady Truck'n on Instagram and Facebook.

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