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How To Handle Life on the Road: The Stressors That Truck Drivers Face

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

As a truck driver, you have signed on to a job with multiple stress factors. From sticking to tight deadlines to time away from home, life on the road can be far from easy ... but it doesn't have to be this way. There are ways to manage, eliminate, and avoid these stressors. Yes, stress is a part of life. But it does not need to become a part of yours. We want to make your job an easy one by helping you avoid and remove the biggest stressors that truck drivers face.

On the road and personal stressors

Your life on the road isn't always smooth sailing. You will have to talk with disrespectful dispatchers, customers, and even drivers. You also might get stuck in traffic jams that could interfere with your load deadlines and have stressful situations finding parking spaces. Being away from home for periods at a time is difficult too. It can lead to loneliness and potential relationship issues. Between fighting bad weather, dealing with difficult shipping and receiving situations, and other personal incidents, you have enough on your plate already - so why add more stress? With so much to offer, a career as a truck driver does not have to be this way. So what can you do to make the most of everyday and avoid the things that make this job less than the best?

Make the most of your time and manage it well

Try to make the most of your time at home. Be proactive in your relationships and make sure that when you are not home, you are staying in touch with your loved ones. This also entails getting proper rest, nutrition, and exercise so that you feel your best everyday. While you are on the road, try and listen to motivational audio books, podcasts, and/or music. This time on the road can turn into one of self-improvement.

Take your job into your own hands

Do your best to eliminate the inherent stressors that come with your job. Don't put up with what you don't have to. Make sure you're looking out for number one in all situations so that you get the best out of every situation. If you need to step out of your comfort zone by switching up your dispatcher, moving companies, or starting your own trucking business, do it!

Do not let stress take over your time on the road

The most important thing is to figure out what works for you. Find a routine that works. What keeps you happy when you are on the road? What trucking lifestyle works for you? Be prepared for the miscellaneous incidents that will arise, because life happens and there will always be curve balls thrown at us. But if you eliminate the stressors that you can control, then you will be ready when the curve balls come your way.

Take time to de-stress & relax

Your overall physical and mental health is extremely important and you need to manage this, especially when you're on the road so much. Your schedule is usually not the same and this could play a huge part in your health. Keeping up with your physical health by eating right while you're on the road or being as active as possible could lead to you feeling less stressed. Carrying the right mindset with you on your hauls by taking care of your mental health can also eliminate stressful situations. Try and take time to relax while you're on the road and find a way to de-stress by taking your mind off the work. Whether you de-stress by reading a good book or going for a walk, find something that works for you!

and always remember to stay smiling - it's the best medicine :)

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