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How To File For Your Trucking Authority

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

You've formed your business and have your CDL, now it's time for you to file for your trucking authority. Without your authority, you won't be able to participate in Interstate Commerce. In other words, you can't haul any loads and run your business without it. Here is some important information to remember when filing for your trucking authority.

Register your business with the US Department of Transportation (USDOT)

ALL trucking companies MUST register with the USDOT. This is your company's ID number and is what is used to access all your company information (vehicle type, cargo, safety, and compliance). This information will be available for any shipper you haul for. Every two years your USDOT number will be renewed or if you have any changes made to your fleet size, name, phone number, address, or cargo type of your company it will be updated.

Apply for your Motor Carrier Number (MC#) with the FMCSA

Your MC# gives you the authority to participate in Interstate Commerce. Keep all the information you used when registering with the USDOT handy because you will need the same information to complete your MC application. You will immediately get your MC#, BUT WAIT .... you are not authorized to start working just yet!

Once you have completed your MC application, you'll have 21 days to file for your BOC-3 and get an insurance policy. It will take about 3-4 days for your Authority to become active after these two items are filed with the FMCSA. It will then take approximately another 3-5 days to receive your certificate of authority or COA in the mail, however you can access it immediately online with one of Porter's compliance partners.

You are not authorized to start working until your MC# is active and your BOC-3 and Insurance Policy is filed with the FMCSA.

All this waiting can confuse new applicants. But don’t worry, while you’re waiting for your authority to officially go active, you can talk with our consultants to make a plan to get paid once you get on the road. Porter Billing Services will help you eliminate any waiting time after your authority goes active by setting up a quick cash flow system for your new trucking company so you are ready to haul the day you go active

Get a head start and apply with Porter today!

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