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How Do I Find Loads For My Trucking Company?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Everyone knows the phrase time is money. In the trucking industry, miles are money too. To get paid in trucking you need to keep your wheels turning. The pay stops when you do - simple as that. For you to keep earning money, you need to know where to find consistent loads for your trucking company. Here are some tips:

Work with dispatchers

Using a dispatcher to find you loads is simple. You don't need to worry about finding the individual loads for yourself. The dispatcher will find you the loads based on your lane preferences. Depending on who you work with, your dispatcher will charge you a fee on the loads they find for you. If you work with certain factoring companies, you may get dispatching services and connections included in the company's services.

Load boards

Using a load board is slightly more time consuming and relies solely on you. But there are multiple load boards that you can use, and you can use as many as you want at a time. Load boards tend to be low cost or completely free. They are also easily accessible - you can use them on the go via their app or on a laptop - and are available 24/7. Load boards become time consuming when you are searching for the perfect load and patience is key while working in one. It is also important to note that sometimes it takes a few hours to a day for loads to be removed that are no longer available.

Build relationships with direct shippers

Building relationships with direct shippers is another way for you to secure freight for your trucking company. Once you build the relationships and start working together, consistent loads will follow. The key to this is getting your foot in the door and advertising yourself to find direct shippers that you may want to work with. The better the relationship you build, the more worthwhile your freight will be, and the more money you end up making.

It all mainly comes down to your preferences and the capacity of your company. Load boards work for people who want to find their own loads, while dispatchers are perfect for people who need help or do not have the time for it.

When factoring with Porter Billing Services, we set you up with our dispatching and broker database to get you the best paying loads. Our broker database provides you with the information you need to book the best loads with 250+ broker options. We also provide our clients with early access to direct shipper and brokered freight before it hits the load boards.

To learn more about this opportunity, call us now at (205) 397-0934 or fill out the form below and a sales consultant to be in touch with you.

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