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A Truck Drivers Guide to Accessorial Charges and Fees

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

What is an accessorial charge or fee?

Accessorial charges or fees are per service fees that are added to a freight bill for an additional service that a truck drivers might provide beyond the standard pick-up and delivery operation. Shippers cannot eliminate accessorial charges, so it's important that you are knowledgeable of all the different charges and can address them upfront. Understanding how to handle them and addressing the charges upfront will lead to better relationships with shippers and a smoother operation for you.

We have put together a list of the accessorial charges for you to keep on hand whenever you run loads for a shipper. We have grouped them into 3 categories: driving charges, shipment charges, and labor charges.

Driving Charges

Additional Stops

If you are required to make multiple stops to either pick-up or deliver your shipment, you can apply an additional charge to your freight bill.

Standard charge: $50/stop for more than 1 pickup or 1 delivery location.


If you cannot complete the delivery your first attempt, you can charge a re-delivery fee (if it's not your fault).

Standard charge: $100 - $500.

Diversion Miles/Re-consignment

Once you've arrived at a shipper/receiver's address and you need to drive to another location, you can charge an accessorial fee for lost fuel and time.

Standard charge: Rate per mile x additional miles.

After-Hour/Before-Hour Deliveries

You can charge extra for deliveries requested outside of normal operationg hours (8AM-5PM) depending on how early or how late a pickup/delivery is wanted.

Standard charge: $150 - $200.

Metro Pickup or Delivery

A metro pickup or delivery fee is charged to make up additional time it takes to make a delivery or pickup a shipment in these areas, as they often experience heavy traffic, limited parking, and are hard to navigate.

Standard charge: $150 - $200.

Residential Service (LTL)

If you're hauling to or from a residential area, you can apply an accessorial charge as navigating through residential areas can be difficult in a big rig.

Standard charge: $100 - $500.

Fuel Surcharge

This accessorial charge prevents you from having to forecast the cost of fuel. It is dependent on the price of fuel at the time and place of shipment.

Standard charge: determined by the Department of Energy.

Specialized Limited Access Pickup or Delivery

If you are required to pick-up or deliver a shipment to locations with limited access (military bases, prisons, and government buildings), you can apply a charge to cover the additional costs.

Standard charge: $150 - $250.


You can apply an accessorial charge for any tolls you have to drive through on your hauls. Standard charge: $100 - $250.

Shipment Charges

Blind Shipments

There is an accessorial charge for blind shipments. A blind shipment is when one or more parties involved in a shipment don't know the identity of the shipper and/or receiver. A blind shipment must be addressed before freight pickup.

Standard charge: $50 - $100.

Exhibition Shipments

Shipments to or from convention centers are subject to an additional charge to cover the costs of long wait times etc.

Standard charge: $50/hour.

Oversized Freight (LTL)

There are additional charges for oversized freight with articles that are greater or equal to 12ft. in length (the size of a pallet) as you're required to configure the load as they take up more floor space.

Standard charge: $50 - $250.

Reclassification and Reweigh (LTL)

If you receive incorrect weight or class information and need to re-weigh or re-classify your shipment, you can apply an accessorial charge for it being incorrect.

Standard charge: $25 - $300.


If you are delayed at a shipper/receiver location for over 2 hours, you can charge an additional fee on your freight bill.

Standard charge: $40/hour.

Advance Notification This is typically LTL but can also be applicable to TL. If you need to notify the receiver before making your delivery you can charge an extra fee.

Standard charge: $0 - $50.


If you cannot deliver the load and you must store the shipment, you can charge an hourly or daily fee, depending how long the load is stored for.

Standard charge: $75 - $250 for dry van. Per day for refrigerated trailer.

Truck Ordered Not Used (TONU)

If your shipment gets cancelled after a predetermined cut-off time, you can charge an additional fee for the cancellation. These fees can occur for reasons like wrong type of equipment was ordered or it wasn't ready on an expected date.

Standard charge: $150 for dry van. $250 - $200 refrigerated, flatbed, or anything specialized.


If you are forced to stay overnight at a pickup/delivery location, you can charge a layover accessorial fee. This typically happens if you're unable to load/unload due to location is closing or a missed appointment.

Standard charge: $150 for dry van. $250 - $200 refrigerated, flatbed, or anything specialized.

Hazardous Materials

Running HAZMAT materials required extra paperwork, added health risk. and special handling, so you can add an accessorial charge to compensate for this.

Standard charge: $250 - $500.

Labor Charges

Driver Load/Unload

You can apply an additional labor charge if you're required to load or unload the freight. Standard charge: $50/hour.

Extra Labor/Helper/Lumper

If you're requested to supply extra manpower to support yourself, you can charge an additional fee.

Standard charge: $50 - $150/hour.


If you need to package up any freight to transport, you can apply a packaging accessorial charge.

Standard charge: $50 - $150 per pallet.

Pallet Jack

If you are required to load or unload the shipment with a pallet jack, you can charge an additional fee.

Standard charge: $100 - $250.

Liftgate Service

If the shipper/receiver requires a liftgate service, you can apply an accessorial charge for that.

Standard charge: $200 - $250.

Sort and Segregation (LTL)

If you are required to sort and segregate a shipment, you can apply additional charges for this.

Standard charge: $50 and up to $5 for every 100 lbs. after.

Tarps (Flatbed)

If you are required to cover the freight to protect it from weather, you can charge an extra fee. You are responsible for putting the tarp on and strapping it over the freight on your flatbed.

Standard charge: $100 - $200.

Corrected Bill of Lading

If, for whatever reason, you have to make changes to the original BOL, including the billing terms, you can add an accessorial charge.

Standard charge: $25 - $100.

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