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Fuel Card vs. Credit Card for your Trucking Company

Updated: Jan 6

Fuel purchases are the largest operating expense for trucking company owners, and if you're using a credit card to pay for fuel, then you're paying far too much. Even if you're paying off the business credit card you use for fuel purchases monthly to build your personal credit; you are not saving money with the fuel discounts a fleet fuel card offers.

Running a successful trucking company comes with understanding the trucking industry, attention to detail, and spending controls. One way owner-operators can control their expenses is by taking advantage of fuel card program offers. Below we will go into more details on fuel cards vs. credit cards for your trucking company.

Using a credit card for your trucking company's fuel expense

Many small businesses use credit cards to pay for their operating expenses, including fuel. However, most of these companies may not know that utilizing them comes at a greater expense.

Typically, many fuel stations charge more if you pay for fuel with a credit card versus using cash. Diesel's pump fuel price can be much higher when using a credit card then the gas station's displayed price. Usually, it will be around 5 to 10 centers more per gallon. If this is the method you choose, make sure to always pay it off before the interest hits.

A benefit of using a credit card is the rewards it offers. Different cards offer different rewards, so if you decide to use a credit card for your trucking company choose one with the best rewards like miles, cashback, or discounts.

Benefits of using a fleet fuel card for your trucking company

Using a fuel card for your trucking company comes with many benefits.

Fleet management: If your trucking fleet consists of more than one truck, a fuel card is beneficial for fleet management purposes. You can assign the card to a specific driver or vehicle using a PIN code and can see the fuel expenses of their hauls. It also provides you with high spending controls to avoid fraud, overspending or buying things other than fuel on that specific card.

Save money: You always save money when using a fuel card to purchase fuel. Fleet fuel cards offer discounts at truck stops and small gas stations nationwide. Some will even provide discounts for maintenance or tires at certain locations. For example, Porter Freight's fuel card saves you on average 25 cents off per gallon at over 14,000 locations. We've had clients save over $4,000 on their fuel expenses by taking advantage of the fuel card program we offer.

Easy approval: It's a lot easier to get approved for a fuel card than it is for a line of credit on a standard credit card. The application process is slightly longer, and there are higher qualifications for getting approved. If you work with a freight factoring company, you can get a fleet fuel card for free when you sign up, eliminating the process of doing it on your own.

Improve cash flow for your trucking company

Many trucking businesses use credit cards for their operating expenses when they don't have fast access to cash. Waiting 30, 60 or 90 days to get paid for a load can be difficult when bills still need to be paid on time. A beneficial way to improve your cash flow instead of relying solely on credit cards is freight factoring.

Working with a freight factoring company will get you paid within 24 hours on every freight invoice you submit and provide you with additional benefits such as a free fuel card with the best discounts, access to nationwide freight loads, and assistance with insurance and compliance.

For more information on how you can take advantage of our fuel card and services, get in touch here.

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