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AOBRD to ELD Switch Quickly Approaches

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

The December 16, 2019 deadline quickly approaches for all fleets, that haven't already, to switch from using AOBRD devices to ELDs. All commercial drivers have had to adopt ELDs for recording hours of service since December 18, 2017. The fleets that were using AOBRDs were "grandfathered", giving them an extra two years to make the transition from AOBRD to ELDs. It was made clear by FMCSA they won't be extending the December 16, 2019 deadline for transitioning from AOBRD to ELD. After this deadline, AOBRDs will not be compliant.

The main difference between AOBRD and ELDs is that ELDs have more advanced data recording features then AOBRDs do. Other key differences include:

  • AOBRD devices do not record information about the driver, if the vehicle if on or off, or any engine diagnostics.

  • While ELDs automatically record drive time when a vehicle is moving 5 mph or above, AOBRD devices require manually setting speed that triggers drive time.

  • ELDs require all edits require annotation and edit history must be available to DOT inspectors

You have less than two months to make the switch if you have not already, so now is the time to do it to stay in compliant. For more information about the differences between the AOBRD and ELD rules, click here.

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