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Does Your Fuel Card Cover the Cost of Your Factoring?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Ours does!

Fuel is the largest expense for trucking companies! Getting a FREE fuel card that saves you money every step of the way is ideal. What's better than that? Let me tell you. The discounts you get with our fuel card end up covering the cost of our factoring fee. Every time you buy fuel, you can save $0.50+ off the gallon, which makes up for factoring your loads.

You get SAME DAY pay, you can advance cash to your fuel card AND you save money - that's a win-win situation.

What our fuel card offers!

  • $0.10+ savings per gallon at major chains throughout the country, like Pilot, Flying K, TA and Petro

  • $0.25+ off per gallon at over 1000 mom and pop locations

  • Ultra-fast paperless fuel advances of up to 45% of the load

  • Easy access to your factoring funds by getting them loaded directly onto your card

  • Able to manage your fuel usage and IFTA report through an online portal

  • No startup

  • No minimums

  • No monthly fees

We provide our clients with industry's best fuel card, saving you money on every haul.

Want to take advantage of these savings?


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