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Porter's Best Tips on Using Load Boards to Find Freight for Your Trucking Company

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

The success of many owner operators and small trucking companies comes down to being able to find freight to haul consistently. Building solid relationships with customers is also necessary in maintaining consistent loads. Truckers can find loads through customer relationships and dispatchers, but load boards are also an easy and effective way to secure freight loads for truckers. If you have never used a load board before and are not sure what to do or where to start, we have you covered by providing you with the best tips when using load boards to find freight!

Use more than one load board at a time

One load board does not have all the answers a trucking company needs. Signing up for multiple load boards gives you the greatest chance of getting the best and profitable loads for your company.

Keep an eye on your spending

There are a lot of cheap or free load boards out there. Many will offer free trials and then will charge you a subscription fee.

Build your company profile

The information in your profile is the best way for shippers to find you on load boards. Post information about your fleet size, the types of loads you haul, your home base, and how far you are looking to drive.

Don't over-book

Be cautious of the load size and distance of the hauls when booking loads. Don't book more than your company can handle, it'll only hurt you in the long run.

Patience in key

Load boards are not always in real-time. Some may take a day or so to take off old loads that are no longer available or already have a carrier. It may also take you a couple hours to find the load you are looking for.

Shape your reputation

Create a reputation that will make you stand out among other truckers. Picking up and delivering loads on time is key to having a strong reputation that shippers will notice and want to work with.

Protect your privacy

Keep your profile detailed enough to entice shippers, but do not share information that you do not want shared on the internet.

If you want to be in charge of the freight you haul, then load boards are the way to go. But they aren't for everyone. If you don't have the time, resources, or still don't know what you're doing, that's okay. When you factor with Porter Billing Services, we set you up with our in-house freight consultant who can find you the best freight for your company and keep you loaded to satisfy your needs. Call us today to find out more!


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