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Best Mobile Apps for Truck Drivers in 2019

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Smart phones can basically do anything these day from making calls, to browsing the web, to being used as a GPS - and they are especially useful for truck drivers while they are over the road. Not only are mobile apps convenient, they can also save time and money, making trips hassle free. If you aren't already using these best mobile apps for truck drivers, you need to start.


Drivewyze is a weigh station app that saves time and money for truck drivers and fleets. The app improves road safety for truck drivers, helps drivers avoid weigh station issues by receiving bypasses based on your carrier score, and helps you deliver your loads in a faster time than competitors. It's easy and safe to use, and they offer a 30-day free trial to see if it'll benefit you.


Waze is a great interactive GPS app that shows traffic, hazardous conditions, accidents, and literally any obstacles that lise ahead in your route. The app suggests alternatives and has notes from fellow drivers for you to see and post. The app itself is very simple to use, uses voice commands to direct you, and tells you the cheapest gas stations in your area.

Co-Pilot Truck Navigation

Co-Pilot is another GPS app that helps guide truck drivers through reliable and safe routes based on vehicle profile, load type, and weight. The app downloads maps in high-quality directly to your phone so that you're able to use them even when you have bad service while on the road. With Co-Pilot, truck drivers can create custom routes to avoid extra mileage and can avoid low-clearance and weight-restricted areas.

Weigh My Truck

This app is perfect for drivers who hate getting out of their truck to pay at weigh stations and want to bypass stations on their trips. Weigh My Truck works with CAT Scales and allows you to weigh your truck and pay for your weight via the app without ever having to leave your truck. The app uses your location and confirms what weigh station you are at (if there are more than one nearby, you just manually enter the CAT Scale number you are at). You can get your weigh ticket emailed to you, or a hard copy if you prefer, and then you're back on the road - it's that easy.


This app is approved by the Department of Transportation and is great help for truck drivers to stay on top of governmental regulations about scheduling and driving time. KeepTruckin tracks your HOS and vehicle inspections, so that you can see when you're hitting your requirements. It's also perfect for fleets as you can set up all your drivers in one place with complete visibility. KeepTruckin connects to your ELD and to a smart dashcam for video monitoring to protect truck drivers.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy allows trucker drivers to find up-to-date gas prices for gas station nearby. Truck drivers are able to see where the cheapest gas station is on their routes using the app. The app typically updates prices within hours. The prices are crowd sourced by its users, allowing drivers to find the cheapest gas prices on hauls, saving drivers time and money.


Dock411 knows that is inconvenient when a truck driver gets to a pick up location and doesn't know where to go. The app gives drivers the ability to look up directions, wait time and limits, procedures for load and unloading, restroom availability, and parking situations, so that a truck driver knows exactly what to expect at the pick up location. Dock411 also allows trucks drivers to provide feedback of their dock experiences for fellow truck drivers to read and make their experiences as easy as possible.


Allstays helps truck drivers find the nearest truck stop on their routes. You're able to filter what you are looking for at a truck stop and the app will show the best matches with the closest location.

Audio Books

Audio Books is a great way to kill the boredom while you're on the road. The app has over 100,000 book titles available for you to listen to while you're driving. Not only does the app help you pass the time, but it also makes your overall journey a more pleasant one.

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