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4 Fuel Card Benefits for Truck Drivers

Fuel prices are expensive. One of the biggest expenses a trucking company faces is fuel. That's why people in the trucking industry save money on fuel with fuel card programs. Truck drivers can spend up to $70,000 a year on diesel fuel at truck stop if they aren't taking advantage of the benefits fuel cards for truckers offer.

What are the benefits of using a fuel card for truck drivers?

  1. Save money: Fuel cards save truck drivers money on every haul. Using a fuel card means you will never have to pay the full cash price for fuel again. Whether you're an owner operator or run with a fleet, fuel cards offer discounts at gas stations nationwide. On average, your card will offer a 25 cent per gallon discount on your fuel purchase. Additionally, your fuel card offers discounts on food and drinks, tires, and maintenance at fuel stations. Remember, every fuel card is different and offers a variety of discounts and services.

  2. Fuel and fleet management: Fleet cards provide trucking companies with fleet management benefits. You're able to control your spending, or your fleet's spending when using the card. All transactions on the card can be managed and monitored by the trucking company owner to control spending. Even if your fleet consists of one vehicle, fuel cards save you money by providing discounts and limited what the money can be used on.

  3. Driver simplicity: Most fuel card companies also have a mobile app. This makes it easier for the driver to keep up with all documents related to fuel spending. All fuel receipts and gas station purchases will be in one place for ease of use, so you no longer have to keep up with them separately. Another huge benefit is that some fuel cards will also track IFTA reporting to simplify the process when it's time to pay taxes.

  4. Flexibility: Fuel cards provide drivers with added flexibility while they are on the road. Some work like a credit card with credit limits, while others work like a pre-paid card. Some fuel card programs can set weekly limits on how much a truck driver will spend on fuel. If you work with a freight factoring company, funds can be advances directly onto the fuel card as a pre-paid option. Most freight factoring companies offer fuel cards to their clients for free.

Having a fuel card as a truck driver is a huge benefit. You can save thousands of dollars yearly when you take advantage of the nationwide discounts. Porter's fuel card offers $0.25+ off fuel at over 14,000 locations across the country. Our card also provides fuel advances of 45% of the freight load and your factoring funds can be loaded directly onto your fuel card.

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