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Unexpected chargebacks

High monthly minimums

Hidden terms & fees

Low credit limits

Long term contracts

Termination fess

FREE credit checks

FREE fuel card with advances & discounts

1-on-1 client representative

Load finding & freight consulting

Month-to-month contracts

No hidden terms or fees

24 hour pay

Get paid fast on all loads you run. You send us your invoice, we improve your cash flow.

high advance rate

You can receive up to an 100% advance rate on invoices of your choice, just take out the factoring fee.


Sign a contract for 1 year, 6 months, or month-to-month. Our flexible contracts are designed to work with your needs.

no reserves

For trucking companies with 1 to 2 trucks, we have no reserve requirements.

Porter's trucking factoring services



  • Best factoring rate in the industry

  • 24-hour funding on all loads via ACH, wire, or fuel advance

  • No monthly minimums (on 1-2 truck companies)

  • No tired rates. All our rates are true flat rate pricing.

  • Contract options available: yearly, 6 months, and month-to-month

  • All clients have their own personal client representative to help with all company needs


  • Access to our pre-approved list of freight brokers and shippers that are trusted 

  • Our expert dispatchers book all loads under your MC

  • You'll receive access to our freight database that has 250+ broker options so you can run the best paying loads

  • Our expert dispatchers dispatch for: Reefer, Dry Van, Power-Only, Hotshot, and Flatbed

fuel cards

  • Fuel advance options

  • Fuel advances of 45% of the load you run

  • Major savings at gas stations:

    • $0.14 per gallon at major stops​

    • $0.25 per gallon and mom and pop locations

our one-stop-shop services:

Same day pay, month-to-month contracts, non-recourse and recourse programs to meet your trucking company's needs, and more.

Save money on every haul with the industry's best fuel card.

Attract quality carriers by establishing and building credit through factoring.

Receive top paying loads with our dispatching program.

Get the lowest insurance quote from our trusted insurance partners.

Avoid costly mistakes when your start your trucking company with our compliance partners.

Porter Billing Services has a combined 100 years experience in providing its clients with consistent cash flow to run and grow their trucking companies through same day funding freight factoring. Porter Billing provides the best factoring rates in the industry, along with non-recourse and recourse programs, free credit checks on customers, and a free fuel card for its clients.

Of all the truck factoring companies out there, you want to work with the best on for your trucking business.


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About Porter Billing Services

Porter Capital Corporation was founded in 1991 to provide factoring services to multiple industries, including transportation.

In 2011, Porter Capital made the decision to acquire an experienced transportation factoring business and then formed Porter Billing Services, LLC. Porter Billing specializes in funding solutions for the trucking industry through its freight factoring services. Porter Billing also offers additional service connections such as: dispatching, insurance, and compliance. Porter Billing serves small and mid-sized trucking companies throughout the United States.

Porter Billing is headquartered in Birmingham, AL with an operations office in Hartselle, AL.  Our staff is our most valuable asset with a combined 100+ years of experience in freight bill factoring.