Dispatching services for your trucking company

Your company will be set up with a freight consultant to help you find the rights loads for your trucking business

I want to haul more loads!

grow your company with dispatching services

We set your company up with a freight consultant who:

Finds the right loads for your business, eliminating sitting and deadhead

Sets you up with brokers that will give you freight, preventing wasted time calling on loads you can't book

Books all loads under your MC to build credit with brokers

Monitors multiple load boards so you don't miss fast moving/high paying loads

additional benefits of working with porter

Make $4,000 - $6,000 per week

Access to our broker database with all the information you need to book the best paying loads

Early access to broker loads before it hits the load boards

Guaranteed SAME DAY PAY on all loads

Maintain control of your loads

No forced dispatch

Access to nationwide freight

Dispatchers that work for YOU

we dispatch for:




Dry Van


Porter Freight Funding has a combined 100+ years of experience in freight factoring work and dispatching services for the trucking industry. We provide our clients with 24 hour pay terms to keep their cash flow consistent, flexible factoring agreements with non-recourse and recourse programs, and free fuel cards with advances and discounts for their truck drivers.

Our services focus on helping our clients meet their trucking business needs - especially when it's helping them find the best paying loads!

other benefits of working with a

trucking factoring company

  • 24 hour funding on all your freight invoices

  • No monthly minimum requirements on trucking companies with 1-2 trucks

  • Flexible contract options: yearly, 6 months, month-to-month

  • No tiered rates and true flat rate pricing

  • All clients work with their own dedicated client representative to help with business needs

freight factoring

fuel cards

  • Fast, paperless fuel advances

  • Fuel advances of 45% of the load

  • $0.10 savings per gallon at major stops

  • $0.25+ savings per gallon at smaller chains

Get access to freight market information

Learn more about freight opportunities in the United States and the freight lanes in each state.

About Porter Freight Funding

Porter Freight Funding has been serving the transportation for almost 30 years in freight factoring services and has a combined 100+ years of operations experience.


Porter Freight Funding specializes in funding solutions for the trucking industry with fast payments. Porter Freight also offers additional services such as: dispatching, insurance, and compliance. Porter serves small and mid-sized trucking companies throughout the United States to provide them with consistent cash flow by paying freight invoices in 24 hours. Porter offer non-recourse and recourse factoring programs with flexible contract options.

Porter Freight Funding is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama with an operations office in Hartselle, Alabama. 

2112 1st Ave. N. Birmingham, AL 35203

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