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Bill: "Flatbed drivers are being told to come home, with or without a load. Good time to start working on plan B."

Hunter: "Mile long line outside P&G plants in PA." 

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We know this may be a challenging time and we are here to make it easier

  • We are still funding - on time, on schedule!

  • Our core operations team is in the office, everyone else is working remotely

  • Response times may be slower than normal (bear with us with our remote IT issues)

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what loads are included in the

hours-of-service temporary waiver?

  • Medical supplies and equipment related to testing, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19 

  • Safety & sanitation supplies & equipment related to COVID-19 . 

  • Food/paper products/groceries for emergency restocking 

  • Raw materials (paper, plastic, alcohol, etc) used to manufacture essential items. 

  • Fuel. 

  • Equipment, supplies and persons enabling quarantine. 

  • Persons designated by government authorities for medical, or quarantine or emergency purposes. 

  • Personnel to provide medical or other emergency services

We know food and medical supplies need to get to stores and hospitals fast. But with the lifted restrictions, drivers are open to more fatigue, which can not only cause accidents, but may also compromise their immune systems, making them more susceptible to catching coronavirus. We need truckers driving more than ever, but no load is worth dying over. Run hard, drive smart and take care of yourself. 


warehouse precautions

  • Book no touch freight when possible or have a broker agree to pay lumpers

  • Wear gloves

  • DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE - watch this germ video (spoiler alert: it's harder than you think)

  • Avoid contact with warehouse workers. You can shake all the hands you want after things die down, but until then, keeping some distance is the most neighborly thing you can do.


panic buying creating surge in

freight volume

Things to note:

  • Majority of the increase is in dry van volumes

  • Spike in rates likely won't last long, but carriers now have the upper hand in this scenario. Because of this, tender rejections are on the rise and are temporarily making spot rates higher than contracted rates in a majority of markets.

What this means for carriers:

  • Charge what your truck is worth! Don't be afraid to bid higher than normal for hot lanes. High demand (for trucks) justifies high rates - the market will swing back and you may need the extra cash in the weeks to come


Detention and wait times

This one will take some work but is well worth the focus right now. With rates spiking, so are wait times, and the only person in charge of getting paid for detention is YOU! 

Double check your agreement with the customer and make sure you're recording your time. Back it up with your ELD and bill out for detention time. If you're sitting instead of taking another high paying load, make sure the broker is prepared to pay you for your time.