avoid compliance pitfalls

Compliance is confusing

Before you hit the road take the time to put your compliance in order

(Your future self will thank you!)


Hover over the      to see compliance mistakes to steer clear of with your new authority.

start your

trucking company

Sign up for a drug consortium & testing
File for:
  • BOC-3
  • IFTA
  • IRP
  • UCR
Prepare Driver & Equipment files
Trucking Insurance
You're ready to start a compliant trucking company!

Get your trucking company up and running

without hitting bumps in the road.

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compliance steps

  1. File for your MC and DOT number

  2. Sign up for a drug consortium and testing

  3. File for: BOC-3, IFTA, IRP, and UCR

  4. Bind your insurance policy

  5. Prepare for your new entrant audit

  6. Prepare driver and equipment files

  7. Start your compliant trucking company

what to avoid

  1. Regulations​ require participation in a drug and alcohol testing consortium

  2. FMCSA files must be completed prior to MC authority activation

  3. The FMCSA will hold new authorities pending until a insurance policy is bound

  4. All new carriers must go through a safety audit in their first 12 months of operations

  5. Driver qualification and vehicle maintenance files must be recorded and maintained for each employee asset

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