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Work with a truck factoring company with over 25 years experience providing same day funding and instant cash flow for trucking companies.

Porter specializes in funding solutions for the trucking industry by providing the best factoring rates, recourse and non recourse factoring programs, free credit checks on customers, and a free fuel card for its clients.

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porter's transportation factoring services:

SAME DAY funding on all loads by choice of wire, ACH, or fuel card advance

No monthly minimums on 1-2 trucks

We have contract options of yearly, 6 months, or month-to-month.

True flat rate pricing. We do not have tiered rates.

You will work with a dedicated client representative who will take care of all your business needs. 

Have connections to a list of pre-approved brokers and shippers

All loads are booking under your MC by our expert dispatchers

Access to a freight database with 250+ brokers options you need to book the best paying loads

Dispatches for: Reefer, Hotshot, Flatbed, Van, and Power-Only

Ultra-fast fuel advances

Advances of 45% of the load

$0.14 savings per gallon at major stops

$0.25+ savings per gallon at smaller locations


Get funded in 24 hours on all invoices you send us. We know how to improve your cash flow.


You can receive up to 100% advance rate (minus our factoring fee) on all invoices you choose

contract options

We offer contract flexibility options for 1 year, 6 months, or month-to-month contracts.

no reserves

There are no reserve requirements on trucking companies with 1 or 2 trucks

recourse and non-recourse factoring programs

non-recourse factoring
  • You receive 100% of your funding when you send your factoring invoices in. We hold nothing in a reserve account.

  • We offer flexible contact options, so you don't have to be in a long term contract commitment.

  • There is not a minimum factoring requirement with trucking companies with only 1 or 2 trucks. 

  • We will credit check all your brokers for free and you will have access to a list of already approved brokers you can work with.

  • You will never get charged back. We incur all of the risk is a customer goes out of business or does not pay.

  • Billing, invoicing and collections assistance is included.

recourse factoring
  • We have a high advance rate for our recourse clients.

  • You get a reserve account with a weekly release.

  • You do not need to be stuck in a long term contract commitment as we offer flexible options of 1 year, 6 months, or month-to-month contracts.

  • No minimum factoring requirements on a companies with 1 or 2 trucks.

  • We will credit check all your brokers for free.

  • Billing and invoicing assistance is optional

what your trucking business needs

Porter's factoring work and more:

Same day pay, month-to-month contracts, non-recourse and recourse programs to meet your trucking company's needs, and more.

Save money on every haul with the industry's best fuel card.

Attract quality carriers by establishing and building credit through factoring.

Get the lowest insurance quote from our trusted insurance partners.

Receive top paying loads with our dispatching program.

Avoid costly mistakes when your start your trucking company with our compliance partners.

There are a lot of freight factoring companies out there, but you deserve to work with the best one.

Talk to a freight factoring specialist today about how Porter Billing services can help your trucking company grow!

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About Porter Freight Funding

In 2011, Porter Capital Corporation, a business founded in 1991 to provide working capital solutions to businesses,  acquired an experienced transportation factoring operation and formed Porter Freight Funding.


Porter Freight Funding specializes in funding solutions for the trucking industry through capital freight factoring. Porter Freight serves small and mid-sized trucking companies and owner operators throughout the United States by providing freight factoring and dispatching services, insurance and compliance partners, and free credit checks on customers and fuel cards, to meet the needs of our clients.

Porter is headquartered in Birmingham, AL with an operations office in Hartselle, AL.  Our staff is our most valuable asset with a combined 100+ years of experience in freight bill factoring.