accounts receivable financing

for your transportation business

expand your

credit facility

we can increase your credit line immediately

Far beyond what your bank will approve

Porter uses your open accounts receivables to advance working capital to your business.

Instead of your transportation business incurring more debt or being limited by an inflexible bank line, accounts receivable financing enables your business to expand or shift in real time, without waiting months for a credit line increase from your bank.

We can expand your credit facility and keep your business moving forward!


WE have provided businesses with over $5.7 billion in flexible funding 

Porter has the ability to:

  • Expand your credit facilities up to $15 million

  • Increase your credit line immediately 

  • Offer competitive rates and flexible terms

  • Provide collections assistance

We have over 30 years experience

in improving credit availability


Let us improve yours today!

What is accounts receivable financing?

Accounts receivable financing is a type of invoice financing that helps businesses access workout capital from their unpaid invoices. Porter Freight buys your outstanding invoices and advances you up to 100% of your invoice total upfront (minus a small fee). The customer then pays us the full amount of the invoice. With account receivable financing, you do not need to wait months for your bank to review your accounts and then increase your line of credit - we advance you your money instantly. 

How does accounts receivable financing work?

Accounts receivable financing free's up your transportation business's cash flow from unpaid invoices so that you are able to keep up with your expenses. It does not require a new line of credit and is not a business loan - it is a financing option for you to get consistent cash flow to run your company. Depending on the financing agreement you choose, will depend if the accounts receivable financing company incurs the debt if a customer does not pay for the invoice. All customers will be credit checked prior to avoid situations where customers don't pay.

Will your transportation business benefit from accounts receivable financing?

Accounts receivable financing is a great solution for both large and small businesses in the transportation industry. It doesn't matter the type of transportation business, account receivable financing can benefit you. Your business would benefit from accounts receivable financing if:

  • You need consistent cash flow - This financing option will help free up your cash flow so you don't need to worry about cash shortages

  • You don't have time to wait for a credit increase from your bank - we increase your credit facility immediately

  • You don't have enough additional cash to pay your business expenses white you wait to get paid - we pay you in 24 hours when you submit your unpaid invoices

  • You want to grow your business

fast pay

Get paid the same day you send us your freight invoices


Get up to 100% advance rate


We have flexible contract options

Cash Flow

Our programs are designed to free up your business cash flow

About Porter Freight Funding

Porter Capital Corporation was founded in 1991 with the purpose of providing working capital solutions for a variety of businesses including those in the transportation industry.​ In 2011, Porter Capital acquired an experienced transportation accounts receivable financing operation and formed Porter Freight Funding where it has providing over $.57 billion in flexible financing to its clients.

Porter Freight specializes in funding solutions for the transportation industry through accounts receivable financing services. Porter Freight serves transportation companies throughout the United States by providing flexible funding to its clients to improve the working capital needs of their transportation services. 

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Porter Freight has a combined 100 plus years of experience with transportation companies by expanding their credit facilities and advancing working capital.